hey friends! it’s tracy…and roy…and steve…saying hey and welcome to the brand new site. we’re in full-on eclectica mode, about to kick off the big US tour (of MD, PA, NJ, KY, OH and PA again and DC and PA again…we like PA.)

been getting gear together…new headset mic for tracy who is now like a walking broadcast tower with 3 wireless packs strapped to him like a suicide bomber–wireless headset mic, wireless electric violin, wireless in-ear monitor–all so he can wander the stage and crowd surf. well, maybe crowd surfing with a violin bow isn’t a great idea but he’s wireless anyway. and most importantly, we’ve been visiting the local clothing shops getting some new threads so we’re ready for our closeup. oh, yeah, and practicing a little. we’re coming to a town near you–check out our calendar–and we hope you’ll come out and check out our new shirts, i mean, our new tunes. they look, i mean, sound, pretty cool.

send an email or facebook us, or follow our tweets. we’ll be blogging here regularly and trying to stay in touch with whoever is listening out there–can anyone hear me!?!? is this mic working? where’s my bowl of yellow m&m’s??

  1. Laura says:

    When are yall coming to Denver/Boulder?


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