Cleveland, March 1

posted by Steve-
The last show of the Eclectica Winter Mid-West Tour, and it was a GREAT one! The folks in Cleveland packed out Nighttown in an intimate setting. The band was playing with an added bit of excitement, as the last show of a tour can give you that extra charge in your spirit. Cleveland is the hometown of our manager, Doug Wood, so he had the added pleasure of having his lovely family and some friends come out for the show. We were also glad to see our dear friend, Cleveland’s own, Anne Cochran. The music was great, the crowd was at capacity and full of energy and we had a great closing show. Now for the other high point of the night. No, make that high point of the tour as far as food is concerned. We capped it all off with this unbelievable bit of pleasure for the palette, the house specialty at Nighttown:
The Dublin Lawyer, the house specialty of lobster meat sauteed in a mild cayenne butter cream sauce with mushrooms, scallions & Irish whisky served with rice pilaf.
Oh sweet mother of God it was delicious!!
Go there. Eat it. Thank me. You are welcome.
I should close out the post of the last show of the tour speaking of the great friends and fans we made along the way, the thrill we had with each other as we ventured through the music night after night, taking a different musical route every time we played, the help we had from sound, lighting and stage techs, the jokes- oh the jokes! We laughed A LOT! Certainly the stories around the saga of the Phorty Pheet of Phunk bus. Cool thing is, after a couple of weeks off we get to do it again in Colorado, Maine, New York and maybe YOUR TOWN too!
Until next time, keep those cards and letters coming, kids!


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