Rockford, Ill Feb 27

Posted by Steve-
Often times musicians look at a gig and maybe weigh how much they enjoy it based on what they get out of it. You know, sometimes you are thinking about what YOU heard as you played and interacted with the other musicians as you colaborate to create music. There can be a great feeling of satisfaction when you have a “good” night and everyone is clicking and you walk away thinking “hey, I really had a good time playing tonight”. As good as that can feel, allow me to submit something that can eclipse that self rewarding feeling. When you play before an audience and the music you play brings joy to that audience, when people are smiling and listening, being moved by what is played, cheering in appreciation and excited about what they just heard you play, they have become part of the music and the performance. Something that you play has connected with their spirit, caused a reaction and in that action, you have been used for something much more
important than just what YOU get out of the gig.
That’s the way it was tonight in Rockford Illinois and reminded me that the best music is not self serving, even better, tonight was a double reward. I thoroughly enjoyed what was played AND the audience was moved by the performance.
I’m a blessed and humbled man getting to experience things like this!


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