Defiance, OH Feb 23

from Steve’s facebook:   (check it out for photos)

When there is a problem with the bus that you have leased and the owner declines to fix it, that can put you in a tough spot. The guy was not going to fix the fuel pump, which was really our biggest concern since it could leave us, and tens of thousands of dollars worth of gear, stranded on the roadside. That could also cause us to miss more gigs which equates to big $$$!!
The solution: abandon the Phorty Pheet of Phunk, tell the owner where it is, rent another vehicle. The owner of Phunky Phorty is just happy to avoid any legal action and gladly agrees to our plan. The cool thing is, our manager lives in Cleveland, so he can return the new RV from where it was rented. It took a bit of Tetris skill to get everything packed into the smaller RV, but we’re in it and rolling dependably down the highway. From an undependable, junky 40′ class A motorhome to a 30′ class C motorhome, that in the end should bring us in well under budget. Let’s hope that is the end of this story!!


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