Bowling Green, OH Feb 22

from Steve’s facebook:   (check it out for photos)

..We eventually make it to Warrensburg, MO. Play the show in Warrensburg. Great crowd, great positive response. (I had to put something positive in here!) Battery’s dead, get another jump from AAA. Head from venue to hotel. Next morning, get another jump. We notice while checking to see that all is secure before departure, the bay door with the pressboard and a sheet metal screw holding it closed, is no longer being held closed at all. At the same time we see that the exhaust pipe for the generator has fallen and is dragging the ground. Great. Go to Lowes, buy a drill, drill bit, sheet metal screws, heavy duty zip ties, two tarps and some duct tape. Did I mention it’s raining this whole time? Pull under the covered lumber loading zone at Lowes, unpack the bay with all our gear, then I crawl into the bay and start drilling, screwing sheet metal screws thru the bay door frame, duct tape a tarp inside the bay for a weather seal and secure the generator exhaust with the heavy zip ties. After waiting that morning for a service truck and spending all of this time on repairs just so we can roll down the highway, now we are way behind schedule again. Combine that with the road conditions between Kansas City and Iowa due to weather and we are forced to cancel the gig in Ames Iowa for that night. Head to Ohio. Bus is running worse. Gained a little breathing room on time since we started driving the night before. Tracy has a solo show that night so we get the night off. Arrangements have supposedly been made by the owner of the bus for us to take it at noon the next day to a Cummins Diesel service facility. We arrive, they don’t have an appointment for us but get us worked in after a short 30 minute wait. Mechanic crawls under bus, says a lot of “wow” and “man, what a mess”. After hooking up to diagnostics and getting trouble codes it appears that the fuel pump is well on it’s way to going out. To replace the fuel pump on one of these things runs about $3800. Owner is contacted and he declines the repair. The owner is defiant on getting repairs in Defiance. Yeah, read that again. So, we go play the show in Defiance that night to a wonderful audience. Things are looking up. We have a plan…….

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