Kerrville, TX–Sept 5

Spent the night in super smelly smoking rooms at an unexpectedly badly maintained hotel in Austin which will remain nameless but which rhymes with Restwood Suites but has a C in front of it. Booked through priceline and beware you priceline users out there—evidently priceline does not guarantee non-smoking rooms.

But our outlooks changed after a wonderful breakfast at an Austin institution called Kirbey Lane. Organic and vegetarian choices and serious pancakage. Right up there with the place in Athens ohio, casa nueva. Then we drive to Kerrville, which took a little longer than anticipated—going through some surprisingly cool towns like Fredericksburg and LBJ’s hometown of Johnson city, TX, which was actually named after a great great great uncle or something like that. Anyway, we pulled into Kerrville a little late but the very pro and yet surprisingly mellow staff and crew were cool with it and we got our soundcheck in just before it started pouring, which it continued to do all afternoon, getting heavier and heavier all day. It was just torrential by the time the music started up at 7. We were last up at 10:30 and by then it had mostly stopped, but the crowd was not the usual several thousand. But for those that were there, it was a fun show and Kerrville is a great vibe, starting from the sign at the entry that greats you with “welcome home” to all the folks involved. It starts from the top down, because it’s run by a very wonderful lady named Dalis Allen.

It was a late night, leaving about 4 hours for sleep before hitting the road at 7 to drive down to san Antonio to return the car and fly home.

  1. Doug Wood says:

    Alright. I’m booking your priceline hotels, now.
    Crestwood Suites? AUGHHH!!!

    Next summer: NO MORE RAIN!!

    Either that or we find the ever new slogan for Eclectica:

    “Eclectica – bring an umbrella”

  2. Augenzentren says:

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