Philadelphia, PA–July 22, 23

Last show of the tour. I’m fighting off a cold but we drive up to philly for our last stop at world café live. We manage through traffic and get there, unload, soundcheck and don’t dare trying to make it to the hotel, which isn’t real close, even though we have 3 hours til we start. So there’s a lot of just hanging out in the dressing room. Great last show, and then off to the hotel.

Up kind of early and wend our way through philly to Milkboy Studio just outside of town to shoot an episode of a great TV show called Studio Jams. I’ve played several shows before and so has Futch, so we know the drill. The idea of the show is that you get a few musicians together and film them recording some music. That entails figuring out what to play, rehearsing a bit and then doing a couple of takes. It’s kind of a reality TV show. Generally none of the musicians know each other, but sometimes they’ll work with a group or part of a group and add other musicians to that. In this case we were joined by a great guitar player from philly named Jef Lee Johnson. Jef is a legendary player who’s worked with George Duke, Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, played on records for Billy Joel, Robertya Flack and on and on. He’s a real quiet guy who unleashes crazy out jazzy lines and listens to every note everybody’s playing and finds a way to do something cool with it. It was a huge pleasure to be recording with him and we all left talking about doing something together again. We did a funky version of Ellington’s “In a Sentimental Mood”, a jam on our own “Sister Swag”, a Miles tune and a few other things. Studio Jams used to be aired on BET and is looking for a new home, so when I know where and when it’s being aired, I’ll post it on the site. A beautiful wrap up to the tour. After the session we piled back into the van and off to the airport to drop Futch and Steve off. Michael and I met my parents for dinner, (they live in Philly) and early the next morning set out on the 14 hour drive to Nashville…


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