Washington DC–July 21

Drive down to DC. Getting into DC is always a bit of work and even with GPS we went back and forth til we found the hotel. I am pretty exhausted but we check in, lay down and shut my eyes for about 30 min and then it’s off to the club, a place called Madam’s Organ in a part of town called Adam’s Morgan. Very busy part of town with a lot of nightlife going on. Parking is a hassle. We set up, eat some very nice soul food that they specialize in and have a really fun 3 set show that started around 9:30. At one point, shortly after midnight, just after we launched into the groove for hendrix’s “1983”, which is a pretty cool slow vibey thing, a couple of local rappers hop up on stage and grab our mics and start hitting one of their tunes. Turns out they work there and occasionally play there, so the crowd was into it. We eventually regained control of the ship and steered it home about 1:30 am. A slice of all night pizza, which was actually really good NY style (and I’m from NY so I’m real picky about my pizza) and then back to the hotel, with a stop on the way for more bottled water at a 24 hour duane reade. Get to the hotel sometime after 3…


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