Austin, TX–Sept 4

Friday morning, the flight to Austin is delayed by 2 hours, but we still have time to get to the hotel and then to the gig. I sit down on the plane and a few minutes later a woman with a 1 year old boy sits next to me. He’s a charming little fellow but he doesn’t stop moving from the moment he arrives. And about 30 minutes into a 2 hour flight, it becomes clear to all of us in the surrounding rows that junior’s digestive system is fully functioning and that the result is collected in his sponge bob shorts. Mom has either no sense of smell or no sense of civility or no diapers in her bag, so after 45 minutes I take refuge in the airplane lavatory for fresh air.

We land, all the luggage arrives and we get the rental car. Massive traffic outside Austin on this Friday afternoon of memorial day weekend. No time to go to the hotel so we go straight to the club. Set up, soundcheck, hang out, get a smoothie for dinner. Fun show, stretching out and getting into all kinds of crazy musical things. Super nice staff at the cactus café and then to our hotel, which has only smoking rooms for us. Nothing against smokers, but how can anyone sleep with a smell like that. Gives me a headache just walking into the room…it’s the bad smell tour…

  1. Jen Crago says:

    This is a great blog post and I absolutely go with what you have said here. I have already subscribed to your RSS feed in Firefox and would love to be a regular visitor to your upcoming blogs. Thanks for your time in writing the post.


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