Athens, OH—Wednesday July 15

soundcheck athens

soundcheck athens

Several hours drive up to Athens. It’s a small really cool college town (ohio university) and we played at a place called Jackie-o’s, which, it turns out, is a brew pub that has 18 of their own beers on tap and we were playing smack in the middle of ohio brew week. Despite that potential for personal artistic disaster, we provided a focus for a packed crowd of very happy and very musical folks ranging from (of age) students and ex students on up. They are in the process of expanding into the building next door, so our backstage area was the patio next door (luckily it was a rainless night) and the only bathroom, besides the one person unit just off the bar, (and in a place that serves 18 beers on tap, the bathroom tends to be a popular place,) was in the place next door which was in the process of renovation–actually still in the demolition stage–so there was no electric. a flashlight was provided, but you’d be surprised how necessary light is for effective bathroom use, both standing and sitting…We played for 3 hours. It was hot, loud, soulful, funky, rocking and a total joy. It was one of those nights where we felt like we could do no wrong, as long as we didn’t stop playing. A local sax player named Ted joined us for a slow blues. The crowd was with us every step of the way, got encores long after the 1 am end of the gig, and helped us move gear. What a joy. Great food, too. Looking forward to returning.

  1. Dave D says:

    you guys rock! legitimately one of the best shows in 5 years ive ever seen in athens. One Love.


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